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balearesvirtual.com is the largest information web site of leisure, culture, tourism of the Balearic Islands. If your holiday destination is in the Balearic Islands, this information web site is a recommended visit for you, we offer the largest selection of information, advertisement and suggestions about things related to leisure, culture and tourism, amongst a lot of other interesting places for the visitors that decide to visit the Balearic Islands.

What is the to do in the Balearic Islands? A lot of the tourist and visitors ask themselves this question when they decide to visit us; very easy in the largest web site information related to leisure, culture and tourism you'll find the answer. It's the solution to all your demands, from the time table of the public transport to the suggestions of pubs and bars in the Balearic Islands... Our information web site about leisure, culture and tourism will keep you up to date of the best cultural and leisure events that take place in the most selected places in the Balearic Islands. What are you waiting for? We offer you the perfect tool with the largest information web site about leisure, culture and tourism of the Balearic Islands. Don't doubt it, search our contents and you won't regret it.


Find a large list and stocked of restaurants and shops located around the whole of the Balearic Islands. Enjoy an unforgettable evening with friends and loved ones, and let yourself be amazed by the skill and art restorers culinary teachers who believe in our Islands. The best gourmet restaurants and the Balearic Islands will find in balearesvirtual.com

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In our Commercial Guide advertised dozens of professionals from different sectors, which offer a large range of services. Hotels, restaurants, shopping, investment, leisure and relaxation, primary services ... Find everything you are looking for, or advertise a website that receives thousands of views each month. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our content. All this and much more balearesvirtual.com

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The most characteristic of our cuisine are in our products section Balearics. Learn about the history of the famous sobrasada or ensaimada, discover the Palo and herbal liqueur de Mallorca, delight in our oil or enjoy a good wine. All this information and much more at your fingertips, only in balearesvirtual.com.

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